Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We Always Encounter Greenwash!

After years of working in the field of environmental management, I have observed that going green is oftentimes misinterpreted. These are just thoughts...hope my superiors won't ostracize me on this hobby!

We will always encounter greenwash. As long as there is a breakdown in the communication process and people involved in environmental management programs have tendencies to misinterpret and have quick-judge attitudes about things, some actions towards the environment then to be just futile exercises or marketing cum publicity stunts.

I did learn that good intentions are not always the solution and often environmental problems are misdiagnosed. Like integrative medicine, environmental problems require multidimensional and holistic solutions, we should never rely on technology alone nor the human will alone.

Then why focus on fast food? Well, it just so happened that I was once involved in the industry, helping them find solution to their environmental problems and most of my greenwash scenarios were in the industry which is highly competitive and heavily advertised. The heavy advertising can be exaggerated at times.